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The Northwood Villa  had been around for a long, long time. Dating back to the prohibition era the building stood as a safe haven for alcohol and gambling, amongst other organized crime activity. Ran by the purple gang its location was perfect for smuggling whiskey from Canada, into Detroit, and spreading it through Michigan and down into Ohio. Even after the speakeasy days the Villa continued to thrive as a supperclub for many decades until it finally closed in the early 90’s.

Angelo Tsipis purchased the building in 2000 to reopen and continue the legacy of the truly iconic building. Naming it Angelo’s Northwood Villa as to not stray away from the historical past of the building, he also chose to keep the dated, vintage décor of the building. This not only held up the history of the building but also created at atmosphere that takes you back in time as soon as you step foot in the dining room.

At Angelo’s Northwood Villa we thrive on the quality of food, customer service, and satisfaction. We always use fresh ingredients, make all of our sauces in house, and cut all of our meats in house. The quality we bring to the table is what makes all the difference in providing an excellent meal and experience for all of our customers.


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“Simply some of the best food locally. They turn out so many meals on any given night, I’m not sure how their quality and customers service isn’t effected. Unreal. Always a top notch dining experience.”

-Justin Hughes

See What people are saying

“My husband and I had dinner there tonight and let me say it was amazing. I love that our anniversary was so nice because your establishment. Our food was great and our dessert was even better. We will be coming back. We were far from disappointed and I will be sure to tell everyone about Angelo’s…”

-Alexandria Lamb

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“Love the vibe here.. and the bread? YUM!! Wait staff is always helpful, decent prices, and drinks were always a “good pour.”

-Nikki Meyers

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“Great Atmostwhere!! From the days of the Speak Easy and Gangsters! Linen tablecloths and linen napkins. Wonderful service. The staff was very attentive. My glass was never empty. I had the Filet Gignon – cooked perfectly, so tender. Literally almost like slicing butter. I will definitely be going back.”

-Angie Smith Loiselle

See What people are saying

“Love this place. It’s like taking a step back in time. The Food and service were excellent.”

-Dian Dunmeade

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